Sola Gratia: By Grace Alone

Sola Gratia: By Grace Alone
Ephesians 2:1-10

I.  Apart from Christ, we are dead in our sins.

II.  Through Christ, God raises us from the dead
     A.  Because of his mercy
     B.  When we were still dead
     C.  By the regeneration of the Holy Spirit
     D.  To showcase the riches of his grace

III.  In Christ, we live for God's glory and purpose.

If it really is grace alone:
1. You aren’t any better than anyone else for having believed the Gospel.
2. You didn’t earn your salvation, and you can’t lose it.
3. Pray for those who don’t believe.
4. Share the Gospel.  
5. Teach new believers.
6. Legalism and licensure have no place in the Christian life.