Gospel Circles

Gospel Circles are gender-specific groups of two to four people that meet regularly for the purpose of cultivating spiritual maturity and transformation by applying the Gospel through the practice of spiritual disciplines.

In Luke 6:12-19, we see a snapshot of the three dimensions of relationships to which Jesus attended:

UP: intimacy with His Father  |  IN: community with His disciples  |  OUT: influencing those outside his closest relationships

If we want our lives to be further molded into the image of Jesus, we must attend to these three dimensions.  Gospel Circles provide a high-challenge and high-support environment for this pursuit.  The goal is to create/deepen authentic relationships in order that we might honestly encourage one another to worship passionately, think biblically, flourish relationally, and live missionally.  

We encourage you to begin your Gospel Circle with a vision of multiplication.  After you have been in a group for six months to one year, we urge you to go and disciple others.


Length: about an hour

1. Catch up! Chat about whatever is going on in your lives.

2. [UP] Bible
Commit as a GC to read and study designated Scripture daily. If the designated reading is short, read it repetitively.  You will be amazed at the things God will show you as you read the Bible in its context.  There is an undeniable joy for believers when God uses Scripture to transform lives. Trust that God desires to meet with you and speak to you as you open the pages of this living, powerful book (Hebrews 4:12).  When you come together, discuss what God has said through his word and how you are responding to that.

3. [IN] Accountability
The following questions can be used as catalysts for discussion about the things God reveals through his word.  The goal here is not to stoke guilt or fear; rather it is to encourage one another to live in the truth that sin no longer has dominion over us (Romans 6:12-14).   Fight for each otherʼs hearts!  Remember that healing comes as you confess your sins to God and each other (James 5:16).  Learn to trust and support one another.
 -Did you consistently meet with God through prayer and scripture this week?  
-How have you experienced God working in your life this week?
-Have you given in to sinful behavior this past week?  Explain.
-Have you been honoring, understanding and generous with your family and friends this week?  Explain.
-Have you used your time and resources for God’s glory this week?  Explain.
-What measures have you taken in word and/or deed to advance the Kingdom of God this week? If you have not, what can you do next week?

4. [OUT] Prayer/Action
Prayer is our primary communication line with God and direct source of his power in the advancement of his kingdom. A common error is to make it a one-sided, man-centered ritual.  Tim Keller said, “The basic purpose of prayer is not to bend God’s will to mine but to mold my will into his.”  

Your prayer time together can and should cover personal issues that come up in your discussion, but it should also purposely steer toward action (the practical working out of “molding our will into God’s”).  How can we make a Gospel impact?  How can we turn away from sins that entangle us?  How can we obey what we see in Scripture?  How can we support each other?

Take this time to pray for:
-grace to see and treasure God’s glory above all else
-the salvation of those whom you are trying to reach for Christ
-the Spirit’s power in each others’ struggles with sin and/or trials
-the Spirit’s power for friends/family experiencing trials
-the Spirit’s power to obey and act upon the things you discuss together