Faith and Hope in Difficult Circumstances (Psalm 40)

Often times we believe that life with God is a fluffyunicorn play land. But the reality is we face trials and tribulations. In this sermon, Morgan Putman shows us how David dealt with those rough times and how we can apply those principals to our lives. 

Faith and Hope in Difficult Circumstances
Psalm 40

I.   Remember God’s previous works (1-2) 
     A. David waited for the Lord
     B. The Lord inclined and heard him
II.  Praise God’s previous works (3-10)
     A. God gave David a song
     B. David loudly sang God’s song
III. Pray for God’s future work (11-17)
     A. David acknowledges God
     B. David confesses his sin
     C. David petitions
     D. David acknowledges God