A Journey of Deliverance: Honoring Those in Authority (Exodus 20:12)

The fifth commandment calls us to honor our father and mother, but this is more than simple obedience or begrudging respect. In this sermon, Pastor Brice shows what this command teaches us about honoring authority and the biblical role of the family.

A Journey of Deliverance:
Honoring Those in Authority
Exodus 20:12

5 causes of erosion of authority in the family:
1. Technology
2. Weak dads and overbearing moms
3. Parents either set no boundaries for children, or worse, they don’t keep the ones they have set
4. Busy schedules
5. Removing God out of the center of the family

I. We are to honor our fathers and mothers
    A. A command for every stage of life
    B. A command that extends to all of those in authority
    C. A command that brings gospel light
II.  We are to live lives worthy of honor
    A. Honor is earned before marriage or children come
    B. Honor is earned as parents fulfill their role in the family
III. We must seek a higher honor than this world has to offer