A Journey of Deliverance: No Other Gods (Exodus 20:1-3)

The Ten Commandments reveal God’s heart and lay the foundation for his enduring holy standard for his people. In this sermon, Pastor Brice explains why we should study and follow them, and how the first command sets God’s people apart from the world.

A Journey of Deliverance:
No Other Gods
Exodus 20:1-3

Why do we study the Ten Commandments?
1. We study them because people need to be aware of what God requires
2. We study them because the church has used the ten commands as an ethic for living throughout her history
3. We study them because the ten commands are the foundation for the old and new covenants
4. We study them because the Law is from God, it gives us a picture of his heart, and it is good
5. We study them because they are central to a modern day ethic
6. We study them because they show us our need for a savior

Why we should be passionate to learn and follow them:
1. They are congruent with the rest of scripture
2. They touch on both physical obedience and obedience of the heart
3. They point to both a positive and negative aspect of obeying God
4. Each command covers a category of sins that really forms a complete standard of living
5. They point us to a holy standard, but also helps us to point others to a holy standard

I . Why did God give this command to his people?
   A. They came from a strictly polytheistic society
   B. God was pointing out that he wasn’t one of many, but that he was the only one
   C. He was giving them the motivation to keep the rest of the law
II. How do we keep it today?
   A. Hold a trinitarian, but monotheistic view of God
   B. We flee from idolatry
   C. We trust Christ