A Journey of Deliverance: The Journey to Spiritual Growth--Part 2 (Exodus 16:1-37)

It didn’t take long in the wilderness before God’s people got hungry and grumbled against him; yet despite their discontentment, God provided manna to feed them. In this sermon, Pastor Brice teaches how spiritual immaturity causes us to care more about what we think we need than about the sufficient provision of God.

A Journey of Deliverance:
The Journey to Spiritual Growth—Part 2
Exodus 16:1-37

I. The marks of spiritual immaturity of the people of God as seen in Exodus 16
A. They grumbled so quickly after receiving God’s goodness
1. It overlooks God’s holiness by allowing respectable sin
2. It blames God and others for our immaturity
B. They distorted the past
C. They exaggerated the present
D. They disobeyed God
1. They prioritized excess over contentment
2. They prioritized personal fulfillment over obedience
3. The prioritized the gift over the giver